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DIGICARD™ was the "Original" Affordable Multimedia Presentation
compressed to fit on standard 3.5" floppy disks.

Click Here To Download This DIGICARD
Click Here To Download This DIGICARD
Click Here To Download This DIGICARD

DIGICARD™ was designed to create impact, and leave a lasting first impression. Now on it's 3rd generation, DIGICARD™ is proud to offer its...
Corporate DVD Production Services.

Studies have proven that people retain less than 10% of what they read, only 30% of what they hear but over 70% of what they hear and see together! Unlike printed promotional material like business cards, brochures or catalogs, a DIGICARD™ Corporate DVD Trailer combines your video content with quality production to assure your message stands out from the competition.

Whether you're a large corporation marketing a product, a small business advertising a service or an individual promoting an image, a DIGICARD™ Corporate DVD Trailer will entice your client base to utilize your products or services by positioning you as a major player in the field you specialize in.

And when compared to the high cost of layout & design for 4 color printing, a DIGICARD™ Corporate DVD Trailer costs less!

They are perfect for Salespeople, Doctors, Lawyers, Realtors, Resumes, Product Catalogs, Night Clubs, Deli's, Restaurants, Caterers, Entertainers, Models, Announcements, or anyone looking for that marketing edge.  

So don't wait another day to take advantage of this powerful product.
Contact DIGICARD™ today.