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Founded in early 1997 our goal at DIGICARD™was simple, operate a principled multimedia marketing & design company devoted to providing customers with the very best, most affordable multimedia products and services available.

At DIGICARD™ we combine cutting-edge multimedia technology with advanced marketing research to create results that work.

We couple multimedia production with graphic design creating presentations and websites that look good, function well, and navigate easily.

When it comes to design, balancing what looks good with what your audience needs to get your message, is essential. Doing it right makes the difference.

Our team of experienced professionals from both old and new media are capable of servicing your every need.

We're anxious to start working together
to produce the results you desire!

Our creation process on custom presentation work and website design begins with a client consultation that is both thorough and free of charge. During our consultation we gather everything we need to know about your project to do the best job possible.

We then provide you with a cost effective estimate to meet your budget concerns. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a large corporation, we treat all our clients with the same level of commitment to quality, value & service!

Taking your project from concept through to completion is a one stop process. Multimedia Marketing to Website Design & Promotion, we'll keep your project moving ahead quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively; producing results that work!