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Your 7-Page Website is Just One Click Away!

Why don't you have a website yet?
As more and more business is conducted over the Internet, you'll need a website that can expose, inform and entice new customers into your establishment. A website provides easy point and click access to information & photos about your goods and services. It's like having a storefront for your customers to shop from 24/7/365.

How much more effective would your print ads be with your web address included in them?
When compared to a typical print ad, a website provides you with far more space to sell your goods or services. Your customers will be able to view "Rich Color" photos of your products, facility or work you do, instead of the low grade "Black & White" photos used in news print ads. And unlike print ads your website won't expire! You wouldn't place a print ad without including your phone number. Why place another print ad without including your website address?

Your website will save you hundred even thousands of advertising dollars a year!
You do the math! A typical full-page ad in one of those local weekly papers runs between $300-$600.
Over a 52-week period you could spend upwards of $20,000 to get 24/7/365 coverage for your business. When you have a website address to include in your print ads, you'll be able to purchase smaller, more cost effective ¼ page ads, which cost about $75-$125! Over the course of an advertising year you'll save hundreds even thousands of advertising dollars!

DIGICARD™ has been introducing small business owners to the Power of the Internet since 1997!
Don't be fooled by other website design offers that give you low ball pricing and then make you do all the work (i.e. Verizon - etc)! Our 7-page website offer includes professional design & construction by our talented team of website designers.

Still need convincing?
FACT: In the 21st century, the Internet will be a driving force in business and communication.
FACT: Every second another 7 people log onto the Internet for the first time.
FACT: Over 50% of all US households are connected to the Internet.
FACT: Consumers state they use the Internet to research the products or services a company provides before they spend their money with them.


These facts alone makes your presence on the Internet essential,
an option you should consider today!

Here's what you'll get.
Our popular T-2 website which includes:

1. A Home Page
Welcome visitors to your website with your logo, company name & slogan.
2. An About Us or Bio Page
Here is where you explain your company's history and vision for the future. Up to 3 images can be added (additional fees apply for more photos).
3. A Services or Menu Page
A scrolling list of the services you provide or your menu if you're a food based business. Up to 6 images can be added (additional fees apply for more photos).
4. A Products or Catering Page
Here is where you list the quality product you use (service based business) or promote your catering (if you're a food based business). Up to 6 images can be added (additional fees apply for more photos).
5. A Savings - Schedule Page or Photo Page
Depending on your needs, this page is used to offer special online savings coupons to your visitors. If you're in the entertainment fields you can use this page to promote your monthly schedule. And if you're in the service industries you can use this page to show up to 5 sets of before & after photos of your work (10 photos total- fees apply for additional photos).
6. An FAQ or Hot Links Page
This is a powerful page! Use it to list the more frequently asked questions about your product or service, then provide the answers that will help you gain the visitors business. Or choose to promote other websites by providing a page of hot links. Up to 6 hot-links can be added (additional fees apply for more links).
7. A Contact Us Page
This page is where you list all your contact information including: phone numbers, mailing address, a map with directions to your establishment, and e-mail links to your current e-mail boxes!

A $2,000.00 Value.

Plus We'll Throw In....

Custom Java Script Roll-Over Buttons
A $235.00 Value

Custom Photo Page Banner (page footer)

A $200.00 Value
Custom Name Banner (page header)
A $150.00 Value
First 12 Months of Hosting (with up to 30 e-mail accounts)
A $215.00 Value
Your Domain Name Registration (

A $ 35.00 Value

Photo Sizing & Color Correction (includes 15 photos)
A $150.00 Value
E-mail account configuration (includes up to 5 accounts - additional fees apply for additional e-mail addresses).

(barter credit available if qualified)
Be sure to ask us about upgrading this package to full e-commerce functionality!
Start selling your products online TODAY!

Your competition has a website!
What are you waiting for?

*Price is based on client providing needed content (text & images) in their proper format. Text must be provided in MS word format. Logos and Photos must be provided as GIF or JPEG. Additional fees apply for extra photos or e-commerce functionality. Maintenance fees do apply for any revisions needed to site after its initial completion. Rate of $45.00 Hr (1 Hr min) will be charged for any needed revisions. Second year of hosting and domain renewal is required (total only$215). This offer is nontransferable and can not be combined with other specials. This is a limited time offer, promotion price subject to change.